My name is Dorota Salus. I am a translator and reportage author.

I graduated from the University of Lodz with Master Degree in English Philology. Then I completed Postgraduate Translation Studies and the Polish School of Reportage. After my studies I went to the USA where I worked in a casino, served lobsters in a restaurant and rented bikes by the ocean. In the meantime, I traveled around and wrote for the Polar Star magazine (Gwiazda Polarna) addressing Polish communities in America.

In Lodz, where I currently live with my husband and children, there are no lobsters, ocean, and casinos, so after returning from the States I was left with writing. My texts have been published in leading Polish newspapers and magazines, such as: Gazeta Wyborcza, Wysokie Obcasy, Polityka, Zwierciadło and others. I have translated articles for the Polish edition of National Geographic magazine and have provided translated subtitles for documentaries on local television. As a sworn translator, I represent local translation offices.

I am a freelancer. I write about what interests, worries and delights me. I like to understand why people do what they do and, with permission, tell others about it. At school, they kept telling me that the guiding principle of reportage is neither to bore people nor hurt them. And this is the rule I try to stick to.

If you think your story is worth attention and the world should learn about it, I will gladly listen to it and, if you want, help you transform it into a story.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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