17 October 2019
Na tak mruga raz | Dorota Salus

He blinks once for yes

3 min reding | Weekend
17 October 2019
Lekcje miłości w kościele | Dorota Salus

Love lessons in church

Most couples do it in church – up to 62 percent of all married couple decide to enter into wedlock before the altar (unlike others who […]
17 October 2019
Ja tu tylko na chwilę | Dorota Salus

I only came here for a while

He came from a Masai village in Africa, located away from any tourist routes. He never drove a car, did not know what YouTube or a […]
17 October 2019
Duma i brzemie | Dorota Salus

Pride and burden

On the occasion of Polish Grandpa and Grandma’s day, I wrote a reportage in which I talk to the grandchildren of famous people and ask them […]
24 December 2016
Notesy Wandy | Dorota Salus

Wanda’s notebooks

  In newspapers and on television, they do not give you the address of the victims. To get it, Wanda acts like a detective. First, she […]
30 March 2015
Diabeł za skórą | Dorota Salus

Between the Devil and the deep blue sea

According to a Centre for Public Opinion Research study (2017), eight out of one hundred adult Poles have at least one tattoo. The heroines of the […]


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