25 March 2020
Sekrety Miriam | Dorota Salus

Miriam’s Secrets

It is rare for a contest winner to refuse a prize – especially when it amounts to £10,000 and involves an exotic journey with attractions. But […]
25 November 2019
Mam 9 lat | Dorota Salus


To get kids’ perspectives, National Geographic fanned out into 80 homes over four continents. From the slums of Rio de Janeiro to the high-rises of Beijing, […]
13 November 2019
Styka - art & family memories | Dorota Salus


  When I lived in the USA, I met Andrzej Styka (1922–2007), a descendant of a well-known Polish family of painters. As the last of the […]
13 November 2019
Gdzie śmierć nie oznacza pożegnania | Dorota Salus

When Death Doesn’t Mean Goodbye

For Torajans, living in a remote corner of Indonesia, the death of the body isn’t the abrupt, final, severing event of the West. Instead, death is […]